The Hermits of Hermit Studios

hermitstudiossilkscarfrhiannonThe colorful jewelry, silk scarves and bags available on this site from Hermit Studios are the creative and artistic results of Jeff Paquette and Dye Devereux of Ontario, Canada, a.k.a.: The Hermits.

The silks are hand-painted by Dye, the scarves to be worn and/or displayed, and the bags were originally designed to hold tarot, but will also fit CDs and even a Kindle or equivalent-sized tablet, or jewelry, or crystals.

With the unique jewelry Jeff and Dye create the original artwork, then reproduce it and mount it on reclaimed brass (special alloy that will not turn you green) that has been polished and sealed and then is protected with a high, durable coat of resin. The resin also works as a magnifier, allowing the details of the art to shine through. hermitstudiosirishharppendant

The pendants are mounted on a satin cord and the earrings have hypo-allergenic posts. The jewelry is light and comfortable to wear, with special symbolism that speaks to many.

The Hermits considered their items “handcrafted art created with right intention” products that empower, uplift and inspire.

Centered around the concepts of personal balance and wellness in all aspects of body, mind and spirit, the Hermits create their products with the belief that the journey of self-discovery is one to be celebrated and nurtured and is not meant to be a completed task, but an evolving adventure of participation in color and light, laughter, sincerity and love.


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