Earth Tradition’s Simple View of Buying on the Internet

Once upon a time, when on-line stores first came about, it was nothing but cool to buy all your stuff (including your groceries) on the internet.

So what happened?  Fear. Fear of getting ripped off. Financial info was getting stolen left and right, products were not being represented for what they were, items couldn’t be returned because companies were here today and gone tomorrow.

So what is the #1 reason people DO BUY on the internet?  Convenience.  Yes, it’s still cool to shop in your PJs, or even naked if that’s your deal. It’s way easier to shop on our OWN time- at 6 a.m. or even 1 a.m. There’s also no driving, parking, dragging the kids along AND you can use your own bathroom. You can even sneak-shop: buy those gifts, or if you’re a ‘holic, no one has to know…

So what is still the #1 reason people DON’T buy on the internet? You guessed it, fear. Again.  So let’s try and address this fear.

1 ) 1)  Yes, it’s still possible to get your credit or debit card info ripped off, but not like it USE TO BE. You still have to look for the little “lock locked” symbol and the “https” for the secured notice. And face it, with the recent Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels card breaches, it almost seems safer to buy on-line. NEVER email your financial information anywhere. If it’s requested for a purchase, get the heck out of there!

2)   2)  Deal with an on-line company with a good reputation. Read all their on-line information. Pick up the phone and call them if something is unclear. If they don’t have a customer service or main contact phone number, hello! That’s a red flag that you probably shouldn’t be dealing with them.

3)    3) Look at photos carefully. Remember that computer monitors vary. MAKE SURE THE COMPANY HAS A REASONABLE RETURN POLICY just in case the item you receive is still not quite what you envisioned. Can’t find a return policy on the website? Make like you-know-what and hit the road.

Like most things in life, if it seems hinky, it probably is. Look for clarity. If you can’t find it, move on.

One other reason that some have quit buying so much on the internet is that they miss the social interaction of, believe it or not, being sold to and knowing the humans they are buying FROM. Social media has managed to fill this gap somewhat. If you can’t pick up the phone and call, and you’ve already checked out the company’s “About” page on their website and want to know more, check to see if the company or the owner of the company has a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, or is on Linked-In.

At Earth Traditions, we have a single owner (Christi Cramer, and yes, she is on Facebook and Linked-In), and have been in business for 15 years. We have many fine photographs of our product by the Gem Gypsy (also on Facebook). And our regular menu at the top of our website, as you can see here, has an “About” page (titled ET…since 1999), a store polices page titled “Ordering/Shipping/Exchanging”, a special VIP page that tells even MORE about our company called “It’s All About You!”, AND a “Contact” page which absolutely has our phone number: 919-210-5082. Go ahead and call. We’d love to hear from you.  Oh yeah, and Earth Traditions also has a Facebook Page.

So while you’re here, check us out. We have great stuff!  Back to:  Home

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